Ruger Bearcat

I recently learned the old Ruger Bearcats (I bought mine in 1970) had a safety retrofit, free of charge, so I contacted them and received a prepaid shipping box, including home pickup by UPS. A few days after they received it, Customer Support called and told me they no longer had cylinders to perform the retrofit, and gave me three options.

1) Return the Bearcat as is.
2) Receive a free of charge new Bearcat in blue.
3) Receive a free of charge new Bearcat in stainless.

I chose the stainless version, as I want to pass a safer pistol along to a grandchild, it arrived today. Ruger is destroying the old pistol, but their tech is is returning the old grip panels. I had the original box and manual, and gave that to a friend who bought a used Bearcat that didn’t have the box. His Bearcat went up in value at least $100.

I am impressed with Ruger’s handling of the transaction, and I received a new pistol that is now over 10x the cost of the old Bearcat.

Kudos, Ruger…