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Not sure if this is the appropriate section for this but I figured its clothing for an essential member of my expedition crew (my dog). If there is a more appropriate subforum please move it as needed.

I just wanted to start this thread to provide my feedback on the product.

I was looking at a few different options but saw that overlandxj uses this on his dogs and it looked like a quality harness for a reasonable price so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Should be here in 1-3 days. Looking forward to it!

Here's my dog for reference:


Tar Heel
Took our dog down to the local state park today for an afternoon hike to test the harness. It seemed sturdy and form fitting. I'm happy with the construction of it and definitely think it will hold up well.

I guess time will tell but my preliminary impression of the product is very high.


Is this strictly a walking harness or are you wanting something to tie off your little friend inside the truck?

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Have this Harness for nearly 7 years now, and its still do the work perfect.

Only the reflective Parts are nearly gone, but all the buckles and everything else is in good conditions.



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RuffWear products rock. Can't say enough good things about them. Own.... Actually most of the catalog, if I'm honest.


Tar Heel
Is this strictly a walking harness or are you wanting something to tie off your little friend inside the truck?
Its primarily for walking and lifting. You definitely could use it in the Jeep as a restraint though. FYI the product is still holding up great. I highly recommend!


I have the model with the two side saddles for my Flat Coat and it rocks! I use it when hiking for him to carry the waste bags, leashes for two dogs, a collapsible bowl and sometimes a little dog food. Everything else I carry on my back.

I've been looking to buy the model the OP posted for regular walks (or shorter hikes) for both dogs. Ruffwear products have awesome quality.


We have used a Ruff Wear for years when we are on the boat - Riggs is about 95lbs and the harness allows me to help lift him from the dingy to the boat. It was the only harness out there that I felt comfortable actually lifting him with and he doesn't seem to mind ... To be truthful it's really more of an assisted leap

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