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I have struggle for a long time to find decent containers that will hold out the weather.

The best low cost solution I've found is the Contico 1318. Two will fit side by side between the wheel wells in the back of a Defender 90/110 and have a solid top that shrugs off the rain.

I've used these on top of vehicles / in the bed of a pickup with no issues for gear.

For clothing I have 2 of the really big Pelican 1650 cases that I got off amazon for $190 each... because they are pretty much indestructible. My wife and I each used one to carry all our clothes to Moab and back in December through snow/rain/flood/etc and they performed admirably.



and also if you have any good alternatives to the action packer let me know.

I just need a heavy duty box that is waterproof and lockable to put on top of the jeep for some trips.

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The action packer line isn't waterproof. There are no seals between the lids and the tubs.


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Agreed. Its still a $20 plastic tote that isnt water proof. Those fancy brackets don't make them more weather resistent.
Yeah I might mess around with cheaper cases for things that can get a little damp or are in their own bags (like dog food), but for clothing and electronics I believe in Pelican. When you drag them out of the bed of the truck (or down off the roof rack), knock the snow and ice off, depressurize, and everything is perfect - that's when you know it was worth the price.


What the Action packers have going for them is that they're light, easy to open, and generally do not have sharp edges to tear up you or your vehicle's interior. I really like the small ones for use inside of a vehicle cab. I think the small ones are cost effective, while there are probably better options for the larger ones.

They are not, however, waterproof, dust proof, or UV resistant in the long run, and the corners like to dent in if you drop them.

For a cheap container to toss on a roof rack or in a truck bed for stuff that doesn't need to be waterproof/dustproof, I like the wolfpacks better. They're rough around the edges and less user-friendly, but easier to strap down.

For me, small things that need bump or water protection go in small pelican or starlight cases (surplus PAQ-4C and PVS-7 cases are great). GPS, cameras, etc. Clothes get sorted into small duffels, then fit inside new-in-box surplus Hardigg cases.


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The action packer line isn't waterproof. There are no seals between the lids and the tubs.
I have used mine for many years and never had a problem with dust or water getting in them. They have lived in the back of my truck and on too of my camper through the absolute worst of weather.

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I have had about a half-dozen large action packers stored outside with tools and misc stuff in them since a garage fire last year. We got six inches of rain a couple of weeks ago and the contents are dry. But I wouldn't strap them to a roof rack to drive through a rainstorm.

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i put foam weather strip in the groove of the lids on all mine and haven't had any issues with water in them yet when stored on the roof. i don't keep anything important enough inside of them that will get ruined if they get wet just in case but no problems so far. important stuff is in pelicans inside the vehicle


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I also have had great success with a peel and stick weatherstrip on an action packer. I had one bolted onto my roof rack for 9 months in Australia. It was subject to massive amounts of "Bulldust", several huge rain downpours at highway speeds, and temperatures into the mid 40's Celsius (113 F +/-). No rain or dust entered. I did use a ratchet strap to make sure the top and bottom of the box maintained a good seal.


I've had good luck with adding a seal to the Plano Sportsman cases. I haven't had them in heavy rain yet but am confident they'll do fine on the roof rack. I followed 3-4 trucks over 150+ miles on dirt/gravel roads with no rain in ages. Epic levels of fine dust. None got in the cases.

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I have a large Action packer that sat outside for the winter.It has not quit raining for months.If I leave it at an angle[grade] then it fills with water.If I leave it on the bench[level]it does not.Do not know why but it mirrors my experience out in the field to.

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I didn't see anyone mention it but Office Depot carries them, both online and in some stores. I have purchased several there over the years.