RTT with best panoramic views and Skylights

The FSR High Country has a great panoramic view but no skylights and the tents I see with skylights don't have big windows anyone have any recommendations?
We have the23zero Bundaberg which has the skylights and side windows. There is quite a bit of visibility when everything is opened up. This picture is from the brochure since I haven't taken one of all the windows opened up. Tent window.jpg

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Have you looked at the Tepui Baja series tents? The mesh canopy Baja Series has full panoramic view. And as a reminder, 10% off to forum members when ordered through me.

With rainfly in place.
Treeline Outdoors makes great RTT's with 2 skylights (one as seen in this picture), and oversized windows! The covering for the ladder also has a built-in skylight. The Tamarack (2-3 person) and Ponderosa (3-4 person) make a great 4 season tent! They are also now available in the US