RTT, JB Discovery Space XXL, AH Columbus Variant or Roost?


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I'm having some trouble selecting my next RTT. I've decided I like the wedge style due to the added height in the front. I've decided I'm going hard shell as speed of opening is important. I'm having trouble deciding between these 3:

JB Discovery Space XXL (widest, most expensive, extra foot room, panoramic view, heavy at 163 lbs)

AH Columbus Variant MXL (second most expensive, single latch opening, light at 135 lb)

Roost (cheapest, same dimensions as AH, heavy at 160 lbs)

Anyone care to opine on which way they would go and why? Any direct experience with these tents is appreciated. I've read just about every review and thread I could find and I'm stilling having trouble.

Thanks in advance!

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If all three options are within your budget and you did your research, I'd recommend going with the most convenient option. Which one can you buy local (or buy from a vendor and pick up in person). End of the day, these tents are pricey and I find none of them (I went through twelve or so different RTT's in a few years) feel like they are worth what they cost. If you run into warranty issues with any option, the ability to just drop the tent off or return it in person is such a stress reliever.


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I bought a standard size JB Espace and have been using it for three years. My thoughts:
  • Ryn at OK4WD was super responsive with questions, had what I wanted in stock, and shipped it immediately. It was a demo model and I got a really good deal. The only warranty issue I've had is that I lost the charger for the RTT light. He sent me another for free. Really, who does that these days?
  • The Baroud doors zip closed all the way around. I believe the AH doors just have a flap on the bottom (this may not be true with the newer models...I dunno). The thought of skeeters getting in and my little dogs falling out was a deal-breaker.
  • I didn't have any luck with communication at AH. Maybe things are better now. I was asking about a carbon fiber model and it was special order.
  • I have kept my Baroud outside for three years and haven't even washed it, much less waxed it (to be fair, I'm need to give the fiberglass a work-over this spring). No complaints about durability. There is a little rust on the latches, but that is my fault.
  • The JB Space has four latches, so it's pretty much the same amount of work to open and close as any other tent with four latches. The single latch AH might be really nice to work with at camp. If I were to do it again, I would buy a tent with latches on one end only (regardless of the count).
  • The JB mattress is comfortable, but just barely (I'm a chubby dude). Using a body pillow really helps to keep your pressure points off the mattress.
  • I have no experience with Roost at all.
As I've mentioned in other posts, if this is your first RTT I'd recommend that you buy a used one. Try it for a year to discover what you need and what you like. Then you can sell it (and recoup nearly all your money) and buy exactly what you want. Technically I did buy a used one first but wound up keeping it. It's a good piece of kit.

Of course, finding a used XXL RTT might be a tall order.