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I'll eventually add a roof rack when it is needed/when funds allow. My typical trips don't necessitate it right now. Plenty of room on the inside for my gear. I would like one now for the ability to add an awning, though.

Otherwise, haven't done too much lately. Replaced rear brake pads due to a squeak that I found was due to a broken pad on the driver side.

One of my sensors went out on my OEM bumper, so the obvious thing to do was use that as an excuse to upgrade to an '08+:


I messed up the rattle can paint job on the rear bumper, not too worried about it. The truck has plenty of dents and dings... if it bugs me enough I'll sand and respray.

The front bumper got rattle canned as well and came out much better:


I used Dupli Color Arizona Beige to match the lower door/fender trim. 17 years of fading on the OEM panels mean it doesn't match exactly, but it doesn't really bug me too much.
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A couple pics from an overnight trip at the beach (prior to the bumper painting):



And here is a pic from another trip of the sunset on the Delaware Bay:


I'm yearning for some 37's because I think the current setup doesn't look proportional on the truck. The current setup takes me where I want to go, so it would be more for aesthetics than anything at this point. I am trying to justify it to myself by knowing they will put me in a sweeter spot for the rev range when it eventually gets a 12 valve. I have 4.30's, so the V10 should still turn them OK in the interim.
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Those headlights and mirrors have me thinking of doing the same to mine. Man it makes the excursions look soo clean.


I posted a response in ExPo's Excursion build thread, and am copying it here and modifying slightly due to recent decisions and research. This post has to do with measurements and decisions driving my future tire and wheel choice (37's).

There is a ton of discussion among various message boards about "lift required" to fit X size wheels, without real discussion on the backspace/offset.

I took some pictures and measurements this past weekend of my Excursion that is sitting on 285/75R17's (~34) on 17x8 4.5" backspaced wheels at full lock on both sides. I was planning on sketching up some lines to see what backspace/offset I needed to keep me off the leafs with a 37" setup.

I had someone holding the wheel at full lock to the right.

Here are some labeled pictures:

PS overall:


PS rear liner clearance:



PS leaf clearance (just hardly kisses spring at full lock):


DS overall:


DS front bumper clearances:




DS leaf spring clearance:


As you can see, the limiting factor is the rear of the tire touching the leaf spring at full lock. As you move up past 35's, you will need to trim the front bumper and pull the liner back. Neither of these things worried me. I also would like to get some measurements while the tire is full stuffed, I just didn't have the time or resources to get that done.

In order to get off of the leaf spring, you either need a high offset wheel or spacers (or a combination). I will likely get new wheels when I get the tires, and have chosen one with a -18 offset. My calculations show that I need a 1" spacer and this setup gets me completely off of the leaf spring.

I also plan to use a "zero rate add-a-leaf" on the front to push the axle 1" forward. This will get me off of the fenderwell and mean I only have to trim the bumper.

In the image below, 1 represents the dotted line that is the front bumper and 2 represents the dotted line that is the firewall fenderwell. The leaf spring is the rectangle on the left. The 4 highlighted lines are the newer 37x12.5 tire and the other, smaller rectangle is my current setup. This is at full steering lock:


In the image below, you can see that the new setup sticks ~2.4" past the fender (current setup is essentially in line). I wanted to check this in case I decide to buy some flares:


Obviously, I have made some assumptions and your mileage may vary. Hopefully some of these images and thoughts of mine can be useful to others as well.

Now, does someone want to lend me a money tree?
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Any update on the 37'' tire situation? ever find that money tree? :coffeedrink:

Weird... I see it in the horizon but it never seems to get closer!

I have decided on my wheels. I have decided on my tire brand. Haven't decided on 13.5 or 12.5 width for the Toyo MT. The 13.5 are load range E and the 12.5 are load range D (but at 37x12.5 they have more capacity than my axle). I am leaning towards the 12.5 right now.

I also decided to go with a full 2" adapter because I don't feel like cutting my studs down. I couldn't find a wheel with enough negative offset to get me off of my leafs, so an adapter is required. I won't get into the adapter/spacer debate, but I will say that I plan to triple check them to ensure safety.

My current setup is exactly 1" lower in the front than the rear, so I'll be putting in a 1" extended shackle in the front at the same time to level it out. After everything is installed, I'll check clearances and go from there. I don't plan on lifting the rig anymore, so we will see if sheet metal needs to be cut.

As a side note, for a boring update, I just picked up a passenger seat on Craigslist and cleaned it up. My current front seats are in awful shape. Used Scrubbing Bubbles and a small brush before wiping excess off with a rag. Pics are before, during (left side done, right side untouched), and after. After these pictures I wiped it down with some Lexol conditioner.



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Nothing too exciting going on lately. Bit the bullet for front driver side King Ranch leather (also got new foam bottom and top and threw an aftermarket seat heater in there, spliced into factory wiring), see old vs. new:



Got to escape to the woods this past weekend. The truck continues to impress. Driving the hour and 45 minutes each way on the highway at 75+ mph, then driving around 100+ miles worth of backroads and trails, I managed 10.7 mpg. I had noticed a rattling when I left for the trip, but got under the truck and didn't notice anything. Shortly after getting onto some dirt roads, I dragged the *** end of the truck through a ditch and must have clipped the end of the exhaust. Had a buddy who was following me in his Tacoma give me a call to tell me I had something hanging under the truck- the exhaust had snapped right at the cat. I hopped out and ripped it off aIt being loose before the trip would have explained the rattling...





Decided to throw an old futon mattress in the back this time instead of my usual self-inflating pads. It seemed more comfortable, but less easy to transport. I'm yearning for a bit more headroom when sitting up and trying to change.



Upgraded mirrors to 08+ towing mirrors for better visibility.

Phil, Where did you source your mirrors? I've been keeping my eye out for a set that's not too expensive. Not sure how good the cheap China knockoff ones are compared to OEM.


Phil, Where did you source your mirrors? I've been keeping my eye out for a set that's not too expensive. Not sure how good the cheap China knockoff ones are compared to OEM.

Went with the cheap knockoffs from Amazon. DEDC brand. I would do it again as well. I don't recall there being instructions for the wiring, but it wasn't anything difficult to figure out with a multimeter. The only negative is that the larger glass has a small, not annoyingly noticeable amount of high-frequency shake at speed. The smaller glass is solid. Considering the price difference vs. OEM, it was a no brainer. Everything works great including the heated function and I haven't hadn't one issue since the install. If you can find used OEM ones, that is a good option if you can verify their functionality prior to purchase.

Good luck!


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@RPhil I saw your 05+ axle swap from earlier this year. Any other updates to the rig besides axles? I am currently building a 2005 Excursion and going down a similar path to you.


@RPhil I saw your 05+ axle swap from earlier this year. Any other updates to the rig besides axles? I am currently building a 2005 Excursion and going down a similar path to you.

The axle upgrade completely transformed the ride. Here is the write-up for anyone else who is interested: https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/...th-2-5-springs-and-pro-comp-rear-22415-a.html.


Nothing worth noting otherwise. Random camping trips and use. I took the drawers out, it was a cool concept but more headroom is more valuable to me. They also weighed a ton, which was noticeable with the new rear leaf springs.

Next change will be a hot water system plumbed into the vehicle's coolant loop. Not too hard or expensive.

I wish I used it to explore more... too many hobbies and not enough time.

Good luck with your build.

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