Rover Parts (Dif Guards, GEMS spares, etc) & Maxpedition/Tactical Tailor Packs


Should have thrown this stuff up here last week as I put it on Dweb and D90, but life got away from me so I'm now getting around to broadening the spectrum. In conjunction with the moving, I've also moved on to a new Disco 1 from my 98 previously known as Coyote...the new to me 96 (5 speed with 78k miles on it) is the new Coyote and thus some aspects of the old truck are in excess of needs or redundant. These were coming off my old 98 Disco but most of the parts are not necessarily type/model/series Rover specific:

SG bolt on dif guards ($90 shipped for the pair)
Standard bolt on dif guards purchased from Safari Gard when they were going out of business one of those times. Outsides have limited surface rust (could use a fresh coat of paint). Insides have a delightful coating of a little bit of mostly VA soil and gear oil that kept them well taken care of. No significant dents/dings. for sale/GDifGuards-1.jpg

Discovery 1 genuine LR HD rubber floor mats ( $35 shipped-these are SPF but Dweb has been down so Roverlady may/may not still have dibs)
Admittedly I could have washed these better but didn't have real water pressure...and they're rubber, have functioned as designed, and are none the worse for wear. Invaluable for anywhere with a wet climate. for sale/Disco1frontfloormats-1.jpg

Discovery 1 (4.0 GEMS) MAF ($45 shipped)
Used as a spare and for troubleshooting the demise of my 4.6. In good condition, functioned as designed during troubleshooting and kept protected since. This is in excess of my other spare MAF, good to keep just in case. for sale/MAF-1.jpg

Discovery 1 (4.0 GEMS) Coil Pack and plug wires ($50 shipped)
Used as a spare akin to the MAF for troubleshooting as the last truck died, worked fine. Wires are 7mm (I think) and combined would serve well for troubleshooting or for a robust trail spares build up. With the demise of the previous truck this is tertiary to my needs. for sale/CoilPack-1.jpg

Rear Ladder ($35 shipped)
Used, slightly rusty, needs to have grip tape removed and probably to be repainted-but works fine and is in good condition overall. for sale/DiscoLadder-1.jpg

Some stuff that is more in the camping/bug out bag/etc spectrum, but why not:

Maxpedition Condor II backpack $80 shipped:
Pack has been lightly used (I tried it for a few days but didn't find it useful for the gear that I was carrying) and since then has lived in storage. Extremely well built. Specs on the pack are best found here:

Pack is missing the strap that comes from the top down in a was serving no purpose for me at all and thus I think I tossed it. Pic here: for sale/MaxpeditionPack.jpg

Tactical Tailor 3 day (+) Assault Pack $140 shipped:
Pack has been lightly used, but did not go to Afghanistan despite being a wickedly nice pack. Decided that multicam would be too much of an affront to my service's beloved Coyote brown (even though multi cam, and the Brit cammie pattern, is pretty sweet). This thing is enormous for a 3 day pack and exceptionally well built. Specs on the pack here:

Pic is here: for sale/TacticalTailor3daypack.jpg

More will certainly follow, this is the initial wave. Gotta sort through electronics, dual bat setup, etc. Email questions to ray.gerber @, paypal is preferred to the same addy.