Round 3 Vote?


SE Expedition Society
Did ExPo and Cooper give up on the contest?
The Round 3 vote is 4 days late getting started already.
Are you okay, Brian? Should we call Uncle LEO for a Code 4 check?

Expedition Portal said:
June 1 - June 22: 3rd round of story submissions for monthly prize
June 23 - June 29: 3rd open peer vote for monthly winner


SE Expedition Society
I was worried and emailed Scott ---- he says that Brian is okay. That was my main concern.
I guess that I work with too many forensics scientists or something but, when people are overdue, I start to run scenarios...

Brian McVickers

Staff member
Thanks Bill!
I really appreciate you worrying about me.
Luckily no foul play involved, just a missed calendar reminder!

We are on it and will make the appropriate adjustments.

Thanks again for reaching out.