RotoTrax, where are the reviews?


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Ok, these look interesting and priced right.
Where are the reviews?
Where are the YouTube shills?



I would suggest the real trick here is for them to figure a mount that works with the fuel containers on the vehicle.
Given my history with their fuel cans, I won’t be testing these. I finally went back to Wavian cans because Rotopax leak so bad regardless of how diligent I was about venting.

I’m afraid traction boards are definitely “buy once, cry once” territory (ala Maxtrax). Checkout Rony Dahl’s review for some eye-opening test footage of several different knockoffs.

I resisted for a long time, but it’s a purchase I can live with.

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I'm not excited about them just by looking at the link given. And the Rotopax mounting brackets are expensive at around $55 (this is just one site doing a quick google search).

I don't like the looks of the big cut-outs in the center of the boards (see picture below from their website).

My opinion (FWIW) either go all out and get the MaxTrax (the gold standard), or if you're on a budget and are a weekend-warrior (like me), go with X-Bulls.

I'm sure they'd work though - just as well as the X-Bulls (which are even cheaper than the Rototrax).

Rototrax boards.PNG
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Lot of people seem to pay top dollar for them then don't talk them up afterward.
But I don't see anyone talking about a plastic failure, either.