Rooftop Tent Rack


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devinsixtyseven said:
so...with a cabover rack like that, how you gonna seal the bed with a canback-style cover?

i do like the rack on the blinged out taco. the wheels would look better if they were wearing 39s on an unlifted truck.

that rack could be set through the cab, and attached to the frame at the B and C pillars. i considered for a long time, still considering, adding a halo of some sort over the cab, tied to the cage through the roof...something to hold lights and aerials. i like the way that rack is set back on the cab. without the gear rack section, it would be very low profile, lights only, and if bridged to the frame through the cab it would provide rigidity to the truck. i guess it would be part exocage at that point, and if you're already putting that much metal up high as on that rack, it wouldnt take much to put a couple supports to the frame. downside is doing it properly through the cab would take longer.


There is no way I am going to cut through my cab to put in a rack. What you said makes sense.

For the seal, I have not yet figured that out. I was thinking along the lines of a rubber seal connected via Velcro.