Roofnest Falcon versus GFC RTT


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Hey all,

I currently have a Tepui Hybox RTT which has been working great for me except for the fact that I can’t mount anything to it.

I’d like to swap it out for a tent that I can mount surfboards and solar on top. It seems to come down to two options in the sub $3500USD range.

Roofnest Falcon:


Both of these tents allow you to mount crossbars and accessories on top.

Does anyone have any experiences with either of these tents? They’re both pretty new to the market so it’s hard to find any reviews.


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Hey folks, thought I'd chip in our $.02 on the Roofnest Falcon here:

However no I don't have the additional load bars, nor do I plan to get them so I can continue to slide the svelte Falcon under my tiny urban California sized garage door.
That being said, I just rifled through the Roofnest "Flock" facebook group and shamelessly pirated a few decent pictures showing the load bars in action, hope these are helpful:



I am very excited about starting the testing of the third prototype Terrapod RTTx at Overland Expo East this week. I have had it mounted since August but it has been way to hot for camping here in the Atlanta area. It is actually less than 6'' off the roof line of my 80 and weighs in at 112lbs.front open.jpglev o gage.jpgside closed.jpgside open.jpgback open.jpgfront closed.jpg


I have zero person experience with any of the options but two aspects of the GFC that stand out to me are the mounting options on the top and bottom side rails and the robust latching system. I plan on mounting my batwing awning among other things to the side of my RTT and I'm not sure I'd feel confident handing it off of just one slot like the Falcon has. The GFC has two slots top and bottom and their locking pins seem a lot sturdier than the latches others are using.

Curious to hear others personal opinions....

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GFC has a forum. If I find the link, i'll post it here.

I highly suggest going through the issues people are having. Then deciding whether they are something you can tolerate/deal with fixing if the issue arises.
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