Roof Top Tent not fitting in garage RTT


I've got a Land Cruiser and would like to get a RTT for camping trips with the family (just 3 of us for now. Me, wife, 2 year old). Something like an ARB SimpsonIII or Eeziawn equivalent. My garage only has a 7-foot door, so I won't have any space to clear the RTT if it's mounted on the top of the vehicle.

For those that may have the same issue, what was your solution? I looked into getting an 8-foot door, but that was way too much money. First thought was maybe just storing it in the garage, then mounting it in the driveway (and taking precautions to not drive into the garage with the thing on, such as, tossing the remote in the glove box, and/or placing a big red cone in the garage). Trailer mount is also a thought, but I'd like to avoid doing that (I know there are pros and cons, and our cons outweigh the pros for a trailer set up).

Is it a pain to have to carry it and mount it every time we go out for a camping trip? I'm not sure if it's too heavy for just the wife and I to mount.

Thanks for any input.


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Depending on your morning setup, removal is a pretty straight forward answer to the problem. Or let all the air out of your tires :D

The new ARB Simpson IIIC tents are working out great too btw :cool:


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Once I'm relocated, I plan on building a simple frame that I can pull the Cruiser under and remove / install the RTT easily. I've seen this setup before and it seems like a great way to store the tent and free up the truck of the burden when not wanted.

Hill Bill E.

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How much do those things weigh? My wife's 5'6" and 110, so can't lift too much.
The sites should list the weights.

Mine is 110 pounds IIRC. I have mine on a trailer, but remove it and store the RTT during the winter so I can use the trailer.

It's more bulky than heavy, an easy two person lift.


Hillbillie - Thanks for the info. Sounds like it's doable.

Schattenjager - Yeah, I'd like to set up a pulley system to lift/lower in the garage, but that still doesn't resolve the clearance issue. When I move, 9+ ft door will definitely be a requirement.


Mine stays up on my Disco all the time. I'm 6" than your wife, but still not something I'd want to lift up and down with just the two of us.


I've got a pully system to lift and store my basket in the garage. With the basket loaded on my Touareg I have about an inch clearance out the door.
I'm not sure how I'd handle a taller load such as a roof top tent. Maybe put together a temporary A frame outside the garage to lift and lower the tent to the roof.
An old swing set frame comes to mind, not sure if they're tall or wide enough though.

You pose a good question. I hope you get more replys because that's of interest to me as well.


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its a PITA to take on and off. its more the trying to lift it up that high rather than heavy. my wife hates it.