Roof Rack for a RTT

I have a 2014 JKU Rubicon and am considering a roof top tent. What rack do you recommend and way. Thanks in advance for your help.
Hard top? Soft top? If a hard top I like my Teraflex Nebo. I do not like the exo cage style and like something as unobtrusive as possible. I like the Rhino Rack stuff too, but was more expensive.

All that being said the tent now resides on my trailer more than the Jeep.


Thanks for the response, I have a hard top. I do have a teardrop for trips where I'm setting up a base camp. The reason I'm thinking of a RTT is for trips where I'm moving almost every day and/or don't really want to tow the trailer. Also my grandkids are getting to the age I can take them camping, so between the teardrop and a RTT we have sleeping covered.

I second the Nebo rack. I actually got it based on SoDakSooner's recommendation a while back.
I looked at all the various alternatives, and went with it because it's far cheaper, looks like it is stock, has a way higher weight capacity (850 static I believe). My other choice was the Gobi Stealth, and decided against it because a buddy told stories of the rack loosening and hitting the hardtop when used offroad a lot, the cost, and the nebo shipped in a day, rather than the 6 week lead that the Gobi has.

If you can get over the fear of drilling through your hardtop, the Nebo is a great option. IMG_2321.jpg

I suppose the only other consideration is that the "rack" doesn't work when the hardtop is off.

The brackets that connect to the roll bar are stout, and I'll be making a quick and easy rack that connects to them when I go topless. I actually prefer it that way.
Thats my plan too Vendish. I have a bunch of 1" square tube for my trailer project. Am going to cut some of it to length and drill a few holes. Should make a decent enough quick rack for when the top is off.
Frontrunner is hands down the best solution out there in my opinion. Lightweight aluminum construction, and the slats all have t-slots built in which makes adding gear super easy. My previous gobi rack as a nightmare when it came to quick gear changes. They make accessories for just about anything you could dream of mounting on the rack. I love the quick disconnects they have for the rtt. I can have my tent off in a matter of seconds.

If you need help on purchase, PM me I can help from a dealer perspective on most brands.

The teraflex is a nice unit, but its no where near as flexible when it comes to mounting solutions as well as rack space.
I looked at the Frontrunner as well, and while I like the fact that it's more of a full roof rack that looks more rugged, it was over double the cost of the Nebo and has an advertised weight capacity of 660lbs (Nebo is 800).

I think in the end it really comes down to personal preference. Unless you go with some of the obviously lower quality brands, you're going to end up with a decent outcome. Just pick the one that fits your wallet and needs most.