Roof rack bike carrier


I broke down and bought a Yakima roof rack for my commuter sedan, as I sometimes try to get a ride in before or after work. Looks like there are a few different choices for bike carriers. There are some that allow you to leave the front wheel on and others, you take the front wheel off. I'm inclined to go with the fork clamp version, as I think it will be more secure. They're also cheaper. Any opinions?

I'm also going to buy a big orange cone to put in the garage. :sombrero:

Christophe Noel

Expedition Leader
I've always preferred fork mount racks. The bike is more secure. It's lower to the roof line. I just think it's easier and better in general.

Big orange cones are cheaper than new bikes and garage doors. :)


I've got an old version of the frontloader, it lets you keep the front wheel on. I take it up to interstate speeds every time I go ride and it never gets loose or shows any signs of failure. It does make it tall, though.


I like fork mount systems, and have used them successfully for decades. I'm a Thule guy. Can't really say their systems are better, just what I've used since the 70s or early 80s.

Ya gotta learn to be mindful of the height change on yiur vehicle, though. this is one of the arguments for rear bike mounts. I can still picture in the image of a SUV with two bikes on top driving into a parking garage in Boulder about ten or fifteen years ago with us screaming and honking -- to no avail; they slammed the bikes into the roof of the garage anyway.