Roof Light Wiring Question


So I've got a lightbar and 4 Hella 500's for my XJ. Problem is, I dont know how to run the wiring from the lights to (a) a pair of switches on the dash and (b) the fuse block under the hood. I've seen a handful of interesting ideas, but I dont really wanna cut a hole in my roof. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, even if they involve cutting and drilling. :victory:




I have 5 hellas(4 front 1 rear) on my rack, I only run the power wires out the front edge of the driver door. I have the wire loom zip-tied to the factory rack...each light is grounded at the bottom of its mount-Switches are mounted to the left of my insturment panel.


i strongly suggest using this kids idea if you dont want to drill or cut anything!
otherwise what i did for a sirius satellite radio antenna (same idea had to run a wire from the roof to the cab) i drilled a hole right above the third tail light on the rear hatch on the roof, and threw a rubber grommet in it then ran the wire up through the cab and such. i will take pictures in the morning for you. id do it now but no flash on my phone cam :/

forgot to mention, my route involves alot of wires and is best if u have a cargo rack.

if you read his route, he did drill a few holes but if i were to do it, i would run the wires down the door sill and run through the hole that the speaker wires and such runs through to for the doors. into the cab under the dash and to get to the engine bay for power i would run it through an existing hole and such. just a matter of finding the best route to make it look simple and clean.


i ran my wires behind the door seal for the A-pillar, into the engine bay then into the cab through the firewall alongside the chassy harness. no cutting, no drilling.