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After a really bad experience with Hy Tech coatings in Florida, I won't be using any of their products anymore so I am looking for an alternative roof coating. Theirs is like many others except they add tiny ceramic balls for insulation. I know I have seen others mentioned on here like Gaco but I would like to hear about any other options that people have used on a camper and their experience with those coatings. I also want to tint it a tan color to match the rest of the camper.


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In my research, agree on the Henry Tropi-Cool coating as one of the best out there. That is what I am planning on using but I have no experience yet, just lots of research.


If you are never in the super-hot regions, they also have another type that apparently has wear longevity advantages

needs re-coating less frequently

but the tropic one is a must if you are.


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You might want to check out the GacoRoof that @IdaSHO uses.



Those "insulating" ball coatings are not effective.

Henry 887 Tropi-Cool 100% Silicone White Roof Coating better flex for RVs, thick, one coat, excellent against tropical heat
I have heard that as well and based on the two coatings that I have in my cab already, they don't do much if anything. Maybe a small amount of sound deadening.


I need one gallon and it seems like everyone sells it in 5 gallons. Gaco and Tropicool both make it in tan


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I got a gallon of henry's tropicool from Home Depot. Lifetime warranty. I've recoated but only because I put it on a little thin the first time. I'd do it again. No idea if you can add a colorant.


I got a gallon of henry's tropicool from Home Depot. Lifetime warranty. I've recoated but only because I put it on a little thin the first time. I'd do it again. No idea if you can add a colorant.
I'm thinking that you can since they sell it in tan also. I might call their tech line and find out.


As far as the silicone options go, Id assume they are all essentially the same formula.
So find the coating locally in the color you can live with, and go with it.

Gaco has the long track record however. And was the only game in town when I went with a silicone roof. Originally contracted by NASA as I recall.
It is legit stuff, and will NEVER degrade. But is quite soft when cured, so it can be damaged by hard/sharp stuff dragging on the surface.
It can also be re-coated anytime, which is wacky for silicone. So verify that whichever coating you find can do the same.

I coated our camper with tan Gaco when it was first built.
When we did a color change to the current white/grey scheme, I changed over to white.

With regards to insulation, it does provide considerable sound deadening.
We can barely hear light to medium rain hit the roof in our camper.
It also remains crazy cool in direct sunlight, reflecting a large part of radiant heat.

Remember that comment about re-coating any time?
Since it sticks to itself, you can layer it and use it for all kinds of neat things.

Coated roof, roof wire glands installed using the gaco as a gasket, then overcoated for a permanent seal.
And the stuff is crazy self leveling.... so brush it on, roll it on, it doesnt matter. It levels out the same.



I wonder how much weight it would add if I do it on my pop up?
Its rated at 1.25 gallons per square (100sq feet)
With two good coats, it was nearly 2 gallons to do ours.

Gallon of water weighs about 8lbs, so all in its less than 20lbs


As it cures liquid evaporates, probably most of the in-the-can weight
We are talking about silicone here.

It doesnt dry, it cures. The curing process starts when it is exposed to moisture (in the air).
Its a condensation cure, I doubt it changes in weight at all between liquid and cured.

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