Roof Access Lader for Mercedes-Benz G-wagen


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June 19, 2010
Products: Roof Ladder for Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen
Contact: Karl Volger, +1- 818-887-4092 introduces the all new G-wagen Roof Ladder. The new ladder is has been exclusively designed by Karl Volger of for the Mercedes Geländewagen. The ladder is similar to the factory Mercedes PUR 30 ladder but attaches to the roof gutter and not to a specific roof rack. The lower ladder mount is fastened directly to the vehicle frame and the top clamps to the roof gutter without the need to drill any holes.

This is a very sturdy addition to an overland Mercedes G-wagen for a safe method of reaching the rooftop

 Round steel tube, notched nicely and MIG welded, with additional attachment brackets/mounts. All parts are individually powder-coated.
 Metric stainless steel fasteners included
 Protective foam cushion for the rain gutter trim is included.

 Provides safe roof top access to roof tents and roof racks
 Doubles as a wiring conduit for roof top 12VDC power without drilling holes in body or roof
 Provides additional back-up lighting/ accessory work lamp mounting and wiring (all optional)

 High quality materials and construction
 Lightweight and sturdy
 Fits all hard top G-wagen models. This is a vehicle specific part and does not fit other makes
 Designed/built as a stand-alone unit, the ladder will work with any roof rack system
 No holes to drill in body or frame,
 Includes a "Kick Bar" to keep shoes from accidentally scratching the body while increasing strength of ladder
 Does not interfere with tail lights or rear compartment access
 High quality OEM look

For High Resolution Photos and or more information please email request to Karl at:



Good work Karl, looks great.

Now just need you to design a drawer storage system for the back, with a platform. You might want to work with Charles from to design something special, good looking and functional for the G Wagen. I found charles to be extremely forthcoming and knowledgeable. He is also based in SoCal.

Something akin to AfricanOutback drawer system.
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Karl -

Nice work as usual. Will it fit on a 460 (mainly wondering about tail lamp shape/size)?



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Karl -

Nice work as usual. Will it fit on a 460 (mainly wondering about tail lamp shape/size)?

Thanks Derek,

I will have some W460 pictures soon, the lower mounting bracket behind the bumper is different from the W463.

I do believe the W461 will have the same W460 bracket........there is none (W461) in my neighborhood :drool:

Please contact me for all other info at: