Ron Burgundy 2011 5.4 E250 EB Build


After a obsessing over security options, I had a Ravelco anti-theft device installed today. Cheap insurance for when we're out on an adventure.

At some point in the future, I may also have to do something about that bright white top. Options under consideration:

1. Paint it to match

2. Do a wrap.

I'm open to suggestions. This isn't going to happen anytime soon, so lots of time to consider alternatives. One of my associates suggested branding it with our company logo. If so, it would look something like this...



I like the current colors. That white top helps lighten up the assembly. In general, I like the idea of light colored tops/roofs to help with the heat management (I live in Texas).

If you want to promote a business, there is no doubt these vans get a lot of attention.

Fun in the snow and the slush.
Everyone always thinks we get the most snow... I’ll probably not see any for a month or possibly even two. If I saw more, 4wd might be on the table, but since I’ll be surprised to see more than 7 days of snow this year, I’ll stick with 4x6. So far it has been phenomenal in the snow and I’ve got a set of chains should I ever need them... 2 sets for the smaller 4x4. I feel like I’ll be set if it ever arives.
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