Roadside assistance providers for overlanders?

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I took a vacation last weekend and hit a deer. It totaled the vehicle. Luckily, there was a large town about an hour away so we were able to get towed/rental car via our insurance. This got me thinking though, during some of our adventures, we are not remotely close to a decent sized town and thus you might have to have the car towed 50-100+ miles which would be crazy expensive. When I am going camping in places like this I try to be prepared for any repairs needed on the road but one really could not repair catastrophic damage like we incurred. Does anyone recommend or know of a good roadside assistance service that would be good fit for those who journey to remote places like most of us do on the forum?
Nope. it would be cost-prohibitive. Would you buy a policy that costs $3000.00(hypothetical)? Neither would anybody else. My dad referred to this as "insuring the grocery bill". Put that $3000.00 in a safe place and be self-insured when the need arises.

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I have seen numerous times where someone is stuck or broken way out in the middle of nowhere and they posted their predicament on social media and got good help. The guy that buried his 4Runner in the Black Rock dry lake comes to mind. He got tons of flack for being stupid but he also got out. It’s a common thing that fellow overlanders would be glad to help when possible. It’s also usually free but a hefty donation is always welcome.

I personally have been involved in a few rescues like that. Both giving and receiving.

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I have State Farm auto insurance with the road side assistance rider - its like $5 a month. They covered a 170 mile tow for me about 6 years ago. Assume that has not changed. I was not off road however.


Worst comes to worst perhaps the locals will assist (drag) you out to where AAA or similar provides service.


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Has anyone experience with the Spot-X Roadside Assistance?

The SPOT Assist is the GPS-Based Safety system designed to protect you and your family on the road and outdoors. The applicable NSD Roadside Assistance Plan is Plan E, which includes the following Roadside Assistance: Your plan, Plan E, includes the following Roadside Assistance: towing (up to 50 miles (80 km) per tow), extrication, accident assistance, road service, fluid delivery, tire service, battery service, lost-key or lockout service (into passenger compartment only), at your location. Plan E covers up to five (5) towing/roadside assistance events annually.
Your vehicle must be within 100 meters of a regularly maintained roadway. The NSD Roadside Assistance Service is not offered in roadless areas regularly not traveled, such as vacant lots, beaches, open fields or other places which are hazardous for tow trucks to reach. This means that if after mapping your GPS latitude and longitude, the location does not map within 100 meters of a known, regularly maintained roadway and is in an area safe for the tow truck to travel, NSD will not dispatch Roadside Assistance.
Probably their definition of "regularly maintained roadway" is more restrictive than ours.