Roadshower vs zodi extreme


I am looking for the best hot shower option for family camping. Anyone with a preference and real world experience with these two options. Thx

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I had the Zodi Extreme, sold it, bought a Eccotemp, sold it and went back to Zodi Extreme. I went back to something simple and reliable. The Roadshower is great except when there's no sun and it's winter.

You can use the Zodi Extreme on top of your stove top. I use a single burner 12,000 BTU stove. I don't need sun to heat the water with a Zodi Extreme. Roadshowers are great for the summer time and lots of sun.

I connected a cheap foot pump to my Zodi Extreme and now have a hands free pressure pump.

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Do you use a road shower ora Zodi extreme for that?
No sir it is a 2 gal plastic sprayer from the hardware store with a kitchen nozzle attached to the end . I heat up a gal of water and use a gallon of cold water in it . It gives me plenty of water for a shower

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I love our Zodi Extreme and have used the other Zodi system, eccotemp L5, and simple heating a pan on the stove. Of those, the Zodi Extreme has been our favorite hands down. I have no experience with the road shower but I can't see getting 4 good, hot, pressurized showers out of one. We have lots of shade in the south so it may work better elsewhere.

-It's simple and requires no batteries or power of any kind.
-It gives a good consistent temperature shower which is something that I hated about other systems I tried. (no more hot, cold, steam, etc)
-It's very frugal on water so there isn't waste getting hot water back to the shower head each time.
-Since it's portable you can haul it down to the creek or lake to refill (I only use it for showers, not kitchen duties)
-I adapted a kitchen sprayer (bidet sprayer actually) to our hose for complete control of flow.
-You can warm the tank by the campfire to reduce stove use
-It could work in the house for times when the power is out.
-Travel with it full or empty depending on water sources
-It's not extra weight on the roof
-Heats up to shower temp quickly
-You can set your shower tent up away from the vehicle/tent/trailer/etc. to keep the runoff away from the common area
-We typically get 2 showers out of one fill (but have gotten as many as 3 before) Mom and Daughter go and then Dad and Son go
-I chose to not get one with the separate burner since we almost always have our stove setup.


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I am looking for the best hot shower option for family camping. Anyone with a preference and real world experience with these two options. Thx
I'm with the Zodi Extreme. I've dispersed camped in Colorado. I took this and it worked great! There's nothing like having a shower at the end of a long day of hiking, and just being active, in the mountains.


Nemo Helio and hot water from the camp stove. It takes only a few minutes to heat up about 2 liters of water in my MSR windburner stove, then mix with cold water in the Helio. 3 gallons of nice 120F water is the result. Packs down a lot smaller than any of the options mentioned above, can also be used backpacking or traveling.

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I have the large nemo shower currently, but have only thought to use on lighter camps since finding something to hold enough water to heat the entire bag is not an option backpacking. I suppose I could get a large kettle and just heat water and pour it in. Worth a shot - obviously not going to retain the heat as well, but ill try that first.


Well you really only need to boil 1 or 2 liters and fill the rest of the bag with cold water. There's temp calculators online that tell you how much to mix so you get the perfect temp shower.

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