Roadmaster Active Suspension

You guys ever hear of this product? It claims to cover all aspects of suspension upgrade and any issues involved.
They claim to reducing vehicle sway
Reduces dangerous roll in cornering
Axel wrap and wheel hop
Eliminates bottoming out
Improves hard braking, and acceleration
"" stability in cross winds
"" towing and load carrying capability
"" driver control and driver control with a load
Minimizes headlight dazzle. Whatever that means
Prevents a harder stiffer ride.
I'm interested and the place that fixes my tractor tires swears by them, and claim to use them in all of their service trucks. They say to use these instead of airbags. I'm about to buy a FWC Hawk for a F150 half ton, but not too sure the best way to go is because I'm a noobie in all of this suspension stuff sooooo any thoughts? No I'm not affiliated with either the tire place or the Roadmaster.
This is what says over at WTW ...
We have 17 sets of these in the back warehouse collecting dust.

I cant give them away.

We will not install them on any of our customers trucks.

That might answer your question.

Not a bad product but not up to the task of really helping much when it comes to carrying the extra weight of a truck camper.

Just my opinion

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I haven't used those particular helper springs, but I have used Hellwig springs. From my experience they do help, a lot, but the trade off with air bags is that once you have no weight in the back, the ride gets extremely rough. With the bags you just air them back down to 5 psi or so and you have your *plush* ride back.


i had air bags in a previous truck of mine to carry extra load (tongue weight). when i unhitched the trailer i just bled some air out of the bags. you come to learn the pressure settings pretty quickly.

the roadmaster suspension if just a glorified "helper". if i were you (and i was in the same position) i would choose a tried-and-true method for increasing load capacity, air bags.
It's looking like that is what I'm gonna do, air bags that is. Ive heard about the Firestone Ride Rites, but is there anything else out there comparably better? Do you think airbags are sufficient enough by themselves? Thanks

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