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After a few years on the road in 2013 - '15, we settled down in Arizona. This past September '18, we quit our jobs (again) and are now traveling without an end date (or even fixed destination for that matter). We support ourselves with our photography and writing articles.

Our initial goal after leaving Arizona was to head straight to Europe but that's been delayed for a short while for a number of reasons. We are currently in Mexico staying at the rock climbing mecca of Potrero Chico near Monterrey for a few weeks. Likely headed towards Matehuala (Real de Catorce) after this followed by San Luis Potosi and the La Huesteca Potosina area. Perhaps in a few months we'll be passing by Patzcuaro, Morelia and Lake Chapala. It'll either be shipping to Europe after that or head to Alaska for Summer 2019.

In 2013, we traveled from Texas to Alaska (up the Dalton) and back in our Jeep Commander 4x4 towing an Airstream travel trailer.
In 2014, we traveled through Mexico and all countries of Central America in our Dodge diesel 4x4 with truck camper. (we had to return to the US because of our green cards so couldn't continue onto South America at the time...)
This time around we're traveling in a Chevy Tahoe 4x4 towing a 17 foot Casita travel trailer. Traveling slowly; leaving the trailer behind as our home base on campgrounds and exploring surrounding areas in the 4x4.

Updates on our trip & articles are posted on our website

Hope to meet some of you on the road!
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I visit your vangophotos website, It is simply awesome. You captured really natural things. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks Mizanrahman!

After finally leaving Potrero Chico near Monterrey, we stayed a few nights in Matehuala and visited the cool mountain town of Real de Catorce. Afterwards, of course, we had to re-watch the 2001 movie "The Mexican" which was shot there.

Then we moved on and spent a week in the beautiful town of Tamasopo, San Luis Potosi. Magical environment.

Today, we just arrived in San Miguel de Allende. Thinking about staying here for a week or so..
No issues (yet) with the gas shortage, although this area is said to be heavily affected.


FYI ...

We just stayed 2 weeks at San Juan del Lago RV Resort in Cuitzeo, near Morelia. When we left, the owner told us about a discount code he's now handing out to attract more clientele. If you're planning on passing by or staying longer term in that area, the discount code to use when booking your stay is ""MONARCH"".

Here's a link to the park's website:

We loved the campground. Spacious sites (plenty big for Class A and 5th wheel), private with small walls around each site and landscaping to separate the sites, great lake views of Mexico's 2nd largest lake (Lago Cuitzeo), great climate near Morelia / Patzcuaro / Cuitzeo / San Miguel de Allende / Guanajuato / the butterfly sanctuary ... Highly recommended.

Art, the owner, is even willing to pick up RVers at the US border (AZ or TX) and escort them on the 2-day drive to the RV park.

The owner is especially looking for full-timers who want to stay multiple months, so you might be able to get a good deal, especially with the discount code ""MONARCH".

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