Rivet nuts vs Plus Nuts - and Installation Tools.


Plus Nuts & Rivet Nuts. I made up a video showing the difference between a Rivet Nut & a Plus Nut...when to use each and an overview of the different installation tools.

Plus Nuts are super handy and I've been using a lot of them in our Sprinter build. . I've been asked several times recently about the differences in a Plus Nut and a Rivet Nut so decided to make up a video and demonstrate the tools in action.

Note that the Pneumatic tool is now available under $200 and you can get manual tools for as low as $30.

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Astro 1450 Plus Nut Tool: CLICK HERE
Pneumatic Rivet/Plus Nut Tool: CLICK HERE
Standard Rivet Nut Tool: CLICK HERE

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I've found plus nuts to work great in non-sheetmetal materials as well.

Currently working on a project that needs some inserts in 6mm marine ply, and the plus nuts do a great job.

They also install easy enough with an impact driver, a bolt and a properly sized spacer.

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