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-First image taken this fall on the prairies.
-Second image, an exploded commercial tie-down strap that separated in a little puff of UVed dust while cinching down the kayaks on the roof while prepping to leave on this trip. Without starting a "Rigs that "used" to have boats" thread, I just thought I would use this post as a quick reminder to ensure that you continually monitor the age and condition of your tiedowns. We all know that there is a lot of dubious gear out there and considering how much money we have tied up in our various rigs and gear and the fact that we are basically transporting a 40 lb torpedo(s) on the roof at 60 miles an hour, spending 40 or 50 bucks regularly on good quality, name brand tiedowns is pretty cheap insurance, IMO.

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As this is a thread about not only boats but, also kayaking. I'm kayaking for a few years now, and always dis it by myself. But, recently, I've divided to try kayaking with my dog Pick.
I had lots of concerns should I teach my dog kayaking or not. I assume I'm crazy (either does Pick) so I tried.
I found an interesting review of kayaks for dogs where they talk about some roles and tips. Here it is https://www.momentumadventure.com/best-kayaks-for-dogs/
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Yet another canoe on roof picture:

Bumper tie down points are handy:

As is the diesel when towing the bigger boat: