Rig w/ boat Pics

Just curious, anyone have pics of their rig towing/racked boat? As a kid I always wanted Steve Irwin's Toyota with the aluminum v-hull on top.


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My old aluminum 12'er

And moved up to this, but I dont seem to have a pic on the trailer!


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Here are a few of my rig with kayaks on top.

With the camper trailer and Hobie Tandem Island on roof rack

Unloading from the roof

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Our old Sportsmobile "Yellow Fella" with 2 Eddylines

YF rainbow.jpg

This time we are going with 2 inflatable Aironauts because of the storage issue.

Recommended books for Overlanding


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Here's an old picture of mine not long after I got the truck; the only mods at that point were the ARE shell and the Yakima rack I installed on it and the rain guards over the windows. That's a 17' Dagger Magellan and a 15" Old Town Penobscot solo (odd model they only made for a couple of years around 1992 I believe)- I guess I hadn't put the bow line on it yet when I took that picture. I've got some more pictures of it with various boat loads including multiple touring kayaks, recreational and whitewater boats but I can't find them at the moment.