Riding to Latin America? We can help with planning and more!


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If you need help planning or need answers to the questions you have about your Journey to Mexico, Central and South America by motorcycle you should check out www.YourExpeditionSouth.com, they help you plan and guide your trip. From shipping from Panama to Colombia, what gear to take to Latin America, how to sell your motorcycle or ship it back from South America, how to cross each country and border successfully, how to deal with military check points, avoiding handlers and dangers at borders, avoiding tourist gas prices and toll roads, you can even hire them to translate for you if you want to talk to shipping companies on your behalf, or just communicate with someone in Spanish. Be sure to check it out and help make your trip a success!


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Dear 805gregg,

At YourExpeditionSouth.com we are committed to providing you with professional quality service in any area of travel to Latin America. What sets us apart from forum members at Advrider is we have the experience and expertise to help you in intricate and difficult situations unique to adventure travel in Latin America. We can provide 24 hr emergency support and translation services, to on the go support, prepping, planning and have contacts in every country along the way to help you out. Be sure to visit http://www.yourexpeditionsouth.com/what-we-can-do-for-you to read all about how we can make your travel to Latin America a safe and smashing success!

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