Rhinorack Foxwing Discontinued?

I'm hoping the new cover (bag) could be used with the older Foxwing. It looks like it's a little larger....
Looks like the “downspout” has been deleted on the new model.

Not enough of a difference IMO to move me over from two (2) current Foxwing awnings though.
It is larger as the BatWing has the legs attached that fold out so it is much easier to deploy.

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Based on the price difference between the AUS and USD prices on the Sunseekers looks like it'll be about $900. Not bad.


There are videos out of the new bat wing. All 4 adventure on youtube has it on their rig. Looks pretty slick, not freestanding like the alucab, or atleast it didn't;t appear to be, I was watching it with the volume off, but a big improvement over the old.


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Tae the new Batwings are available and going fast! The new awning now includes mounts to attach onto the Pioneer Platform $55/ value. I would get on the horn with them directly or an authorized B&M.