Rhino Rack Vs Frontrunner Slimline Rack on Ford F150 Raptor


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Have a 19 F150 Raptor with a Diamondback cover & looking at mounting either a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform or a Frontrunner Simline rack on the cover.

Will be driving off road, high speed & off angle/camber with lots of stress applied to the rack, keeping it as low as possible.....

Will not be mounting a RTT on it, will be for the spare tire, OzTent, jack, jerry cans, propane bottles and other such items....

What rack would you recommend and why??



The only main diffidence is how the slats run. A Rhino Rack has slats that run long ways and Frontrunner racks have slats that run side to side. They are both tough racks but you have to figure out what you are mounting and if you need to be able to move it back and forth or side to side on the rack.
I run a 7' by 4.5' Rhino rack on a Tahoe with a 4X8 RTT and and i love it, I have lights mounted under the rack and a ARB awning mounted on the side. When the RTT is off I haul lumber form Home Depot on top, The Rhino has held up nice over the past two years. Hope this helps.