Rhino Rack Batwing Extruded Bracket Dimensions


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Hey everyone, I received an ARB awning as an early Christmas gift. I have a tubular cage-style roof rack and I'm having trouble finding brackets that will work without major modifications. However, Rhino Rack has a bracket that seems like it would do the trick IF the T-slot extrusion on my ARB awning has the same dimension as the T-slot extrusion on the Rhino Rack Batwing. Does anyone have these dimensions, or would anyone who actually has a Batwing mind measuring the distance between the two T-slots on their awning?

Here is a link to the bracket I'm thinking of using, if anyone's interested:




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Looks like 4"s. I have to stand on tippy toe and take a blind pic and everything is snow covered this morning so I could not really get a better measure. PXL_20201122_154106099.jpg

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Thanks so much for you help, roving1. That's about twice the distance between the ARB slots, which isn't ideal, but I think I could modify the Rhino Rack bracket with one or two new holes to match the ARB sizing.