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I too received a response from Campaign Furniture within 24 hours of e-mailing them. They are still making furniture, he stated the website is down for a "Painfully slow refresh.". If you'd like to contact them, he is answering e-mails from his profile page here on ExPo.


Wow, big "woops" on the price.
Nice product; but good luck with that maneuver ($300 --> $575 for same product in lower cost of business state).


First of all, thanks to Justin for the loan of the chair. I took the chair on a weeklong trip to the Parashant and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in July/August. It is very comfortable and worked well. I stayed two nights on Twin Point, with lots of thunderstorms and a day of frequent light rain. The first shot is with a clearing storm over the canyon.

The next two nights were spent at the bottom of Whitmore Canyon. You can drive down to the Colorado River and camp on a cliff 800 feet above the river on an ancient flow of lava. There were more thunderstorms and even a couple flash floods that came down the canyon, creating a spectacular 200+ ft. waterfall. I took a steep, rough trail down the cliff to the river and dipped my toes in. I took the chair, thinking it would make for a unique photo. The photos were OK, but I don't recommend hiking with the chair any significant distance. It is heavy and bulky. That was one of the most strenous hikes I have every taken. Hot sun, no shade, no breeze, and one of the warmest days of the trip. I doubt it will make it back to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.:Wow1:


While it might have been possible to get one of the chairs at the old price, the new pricing is definately out of reach.
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Mine was a luxury item when I bought it at the old price. It looks nice in the living room and is my wife's favorite chair when she is on her laptop. The back adjusts and it's a nice "sit". I think with the new price it's no longer camping gear but it still is a worthy addition to any finely furnished home. Now I just need the other fine furnishings to surround my fine chair. Lol.

I wish I would have jumped on the storage box that converts to a table when they were cheaper. End table and chair in a box is still cool and since its as comply as any chair I'd say its still worth the money if you spend time in multiple locations.

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Sorry to bring back an old thread but curious if they're still in business? Seems their website (as noted on their FB page) no longer works.


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Those are awesome chairs but the only way I could own one would be if my lottery ticket investments suddenly pay off. :)


Website is all in Chinese now. Great idea and I love the campaign style furniture, old world craftsmanship, etc., but obviously there wasn't much of a market for a $600 camp chair.

American Camp Chairs were selling for about $250 - $300 last I checked and the Martin Folding Safari Chairs in the $600 - $700 range: