Retrofitted a roof rack to my Conqueror Compact


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I’ve been racking (sic) my brain as to how to fit a roof rack to my Conqueror Compact. You would think this would be no big deal. However, based on how the various doors operate on three sides and also due to the limitations of the physics of the flip-open roof, it seemed quite impossible short of pulling the tent and fabricating a rack to extend from underneath the tent.

After thinking this through all winter, I was about to order some bar stock and get to work. Then, I discovered this reasonably effective option: P7300006 (640x480).jpg

I ordered mine from Austin Kayak:

I had planned on utilizing the front nerf bars and gas can racks for mounting locations but that didn’t work out. Also, I thought I could stand the rack on the rear (relocated) propane tank mounting brackets. That didn’t work.

However, the result is quite effective and easily handles loads such as multiple kayaks and bikes. Would I put a heavy load on this rack? No. Nevertheless, it will easily handle a 150lbs or more.

Also, this gives me the option to mount a an awning like the ARB without interfering with the tent deployment (from the passenger side). I’m currently using the REI Alcove with walls which works great but is not instant deployment. However, it gives lots of privacy for showers and great shade and rain protection:|pcrid|52774014400|

Install notes:
Front – I used washers as spacers to give just a bit of room to keep the rack away from the front tent cover. Also, on the passenger side, I utilized a strong “L” bracket mounted through the existing axe bolt/lever. I siliconed all the bolts openings.

I purchased 3/8 stainless hardware and nylon lock nuts. I could not use much from the kit but for some of the plate brackets.

Rear: I used the propane tank mounts. They are fastened to the trailer satisfactorily. I left just enough space per the drop-down jack support legs. I did shorten up the lock bolts for the legs. I used right angle “L” brackets to provide support at the top of the trailer. (I’m considering a better solution for the support legs anyway.)

Also, I just left enough room to clear the tent and my garage door.

Overall, I am very pleased with my solution to address one of the few real downsides per the capabilities of this trailer: a roof rack for toys. My wife and I have 3 young ones and 5 bikes and 5 yaks require a bit of a dance to transport.

And, with the installation of 3m no-slip tape on the fenders and the ability to grab hold of the roof rack, tent deployment is much easier.

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Nice work! Now you have me spinning...

I am replacing my tent with one that is not quite as big. I hope to have enough room to go straight up the body.

BTW - Love the safety line on the water caps. Might just steal that idea too. :)


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BTW - Love the safety line on the water caps. Might just steal that idea too. :)
I've read you can't get replacement caps so I figured I better secure them. Now, at least I will lose both at the same time!

This trailer would be awesome with an Autohome Magnolio or similar. But, with the fam, the big top tent is still needed. Would love to see your new tent option.


I really like the Conqueror tent but my tent floor and cover are pretty trashed and it's almost as expensive to repair as it is to replace. The tents I'm looking at are only slightly smaller. They also have the advantage of having manufacturer/dealer support .

The ones I'm considering are:

- Tepui Autana - 56" x 48" x 12" (WxLxH) - $1375 - - Terrific value and local to me.

- CVT Mount Shasta - Size: 56"W x 48"L x 14" Ht. - $1445 - - Similar value and well referenced.

- Eezi Awn Series 3 1400 T-Top XKLUSIV - 48"L x 55"W x 11"H - $3330 - - The "gold standard" and price accordingly.

Gonna decide in the next week or so as I have to remove the existing tent, plug and Linex the top , and install cross bars.