Restored Warn winch- Before and After

I do winch repairs and restorations. I thought I'd share a project I did for a guy who was interested in a period-accurate, as well as, fully functional winch for their 1980's 4x4.

This is a fairly hard to find 100% USA made Warn MX8000 from 1988 (later known as the M8000 or now, M8). It came to me in absolute disrepair with no moving parts. It got a full tear-down, new motor, some expensive synthetic aircraft grease, sandblasting, stainless hardware (where appropriate) aprx. 90ft of USA made Dyneema Spydura rope and the old solenoids were replaced with a modern contactor unit, yet I used an original control box to keep the look. It got a new remote as well. I also had custom tie-rods made (the rods that hold each side together) as these are one of the few parts no longer available for the MX series.

You can see it buried deep inside this old pick-up bumper, which was rusting away in a junk yard. It looks like gold to me, but maybe that's just me! :D



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The M8000 (so was the M6000) was in the accessory catalog for my '85, I have been on the fence about fixing up a old one or just getting a new one.

Neat to see one brought back!
I rebuilt an old M8000 I bought for $100. It required a few parts (new solenoids, new motor, new cable, new wiring pig tail to the controller) but was a relatively easy project with tech support available from WARN Industries and parts available from their dealers.

The M8000 (so was the M6000) was in the accessory catalog for my '85, I have been on the fence about fixing up a old one or just getting a new one.

Neat to see one brought back!
Thanks for the comments.
Yes Warn supports the older winches, for the most part. I routinely order parts for winches made in the 80's/90's and parts for the 8274's from the 70's-2000's which are all available. The stickers are no longer made for most older series but the newer ones will fit, they just dont look as good.

I've done lots of custom 4x4 related installs in the past and used to import and set up Pinzgauers, Unimogs, older Gwagens, etc. and I kinda dealt with winches often, including my own, and realized there was a need for service outside of the factory approved shops (I've re-repaired stuff they repaired before.)

I do more than your standard service much of the time. There's lots of tricks, special lubes, hardware, wiring upgrades and other things that I've figured out over time that set me apart from your average quick-fix shop. I also have real USA made Dyneema rope that I install with a variety of hardware... all just depends on what someone wants and the budget. Some winches leave me maybe a little better than they were from the factory. 🤠

Below are two that I finished over the last week. What they looked like when I got them, and the after pics! The MX8000 was from 1987 and fully converted to 24v for fitting to a Pinzgauer.

The 8274 was from 1978 and is going onto a 1980 Toyota PU. It has a new sealed contactor upgrade, 130ft of 3/8 Dyneema, and a new heavy duty motor, with twice the hp of the original motor! (It's wrapped up for transport in the pic.)


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I've had no luck with Warn tech support. Other businesses but not warn. I repaired my warn m6000 and I was surprised by just how dry and rusty it was inside. Cleaned it up, greased it (no special lube, uh oh) and it works great again.