Request: photos of child seats in the back of your 80


Attempted to install a Britax B-safe tonight in the back of my 80 and it was simply unacceptable from both a safety standpoint and a comfort standpoint. I tried the center as well as the side and I simply can't get the seat secured tight enough to be comfortable with it. Also with it on the passenger side the seat has to be almost all the way forward which doesn't really work for anyone but midgets. Totally curbed my plan to use the 80 as the go to vehicle. I am going to have to find a different seat with a much smaller footprint and one that will secure better with standard belts. The B-safe works great in the back of my 3 series wagon, which has the latch system and way more leg room up front.


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Diono is the way to go ive got one in my 97 fzj80 and i can still fit two adults on either side i highly recommend it


Great info

For anyone in the future searching for this information, thanks to everyone who answered. I have since purchased my 1994 Land Cruiser and was able to fit my full size full back Britex booster and my Graco Snug Ride 35 with base easily in the back seat, plus a full sized adult with plenty of room.
I am very happy with the room vs. my Jeep Cherokee.

Thanks again all for the input.