Repowering the Amigo: Planning out the next steps


Good evening.

In the past, I had a small 4x4 that I rewired, with a lot of help from folks here and elsewhere. Sadly, once the electrical was figured out, the entire engine went south, and a replacement wasn't going to be possible. That vehicle, a Daihatsu Rocky, was small, something I sought out, but after it died, I chose something larger...by a bit. I'm now working on an Isuzu Amigo.

I salvaged a lot of good stuff from the rocky, including the dual batteries, winch, bumpers, and so on. The set up I went with, after much consideration, was a dual battery set-up, with them wired in parallel. As the engine died, the two wired in parallel (if I'm using the right word) saved me numerous times the day it finally died in the boonies. I was able to get enough compression to crank, and I was able to winch myself out of a tough spot that the engine left me in.

I want to put the dual batteries in my Amigo, but I also want to add capabilities to it. I have more space in the rear, seats up or down, than I did before, and want to be able to run things out of the rear. No wiring exists there now, aside from whatever is in place for a defroster/wiper, lights, etc.

I drew a course diagram and will post below. If I'm way off base here, please let me know. To place the second battery under the hood, I'll need to relocate the intake, and likely use a hard-to-find snorkel to draw air. If I could fit two batts under the Rocky, i can certainly place them in the Amigo, too.

No rush, as I have mechanical work to do in the meantime, but as I said, if I'm way off base, please let me know. Thank you in advance!



Engineer In Residence
Do you want the batteries isolated with the engine off? Or full time parallel? If full time you probably won't want a fuse to prevent nuisance blows when cranking or winching with the engine off.

Having a dedicated deep cycle for running a fridge, and having it isolated with the engine off, can be a good option. You can installed a paralleling switch if you need to combine in an emergency for cranking or winching.

If you plan on winching a a lot, I suggest upgrading the main harness cables along with the alternator. 2AWG or maybe higher can't hurt, and will help pull heat away from the alternator.


I don't think it matters to me if they are "together" when. It was nice to not worry about draw on the winch when using it.

I have two Dekas that are identical and I would again put in parallel if I merely did the same thing again.

I think the cables were 1/0...it was a short run and the cables were easy enough to play with...but they were stout.