replacing radio, how to remove old one?


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2001 4Runner appears different than the directions I have found elsewhere, any suggestions on removing all the plastic to get to the guts?




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I'm putting in my JVC, iPod controlling head unit. The stock radio is nice,but I need my iPod ... and since I already have the unit and ipod controller (took it out of the Zuk) I thought I'd use it.

And to be more specific, the directions I've seen have you taking the 4wd knob off to take the center console plastic off, then getting the plastic off around the radio and heater knobs (two screws behind the climate control center). This one, however, has the push-button 4wd and different heater controls, so I just want some advice from those with the newer design like mine.

Satisfied KC?;)


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Ooooooohhhhhh iPod! Fancy! :cool:

Just being nosey el Jefe. Your center cluster is different than our '99. Sorry man, I don't have a clue...:wavey:


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kcowyo said:
Ooooooohhhhhh iPod! Fancy! :cool:

Just being nosey el Jefe. Your center cluster is different than our '99. Sorry man, I don't have a clue...:wavey:
No worries KC, I know my first posting was cryptic - happens when the 2 and 4 year old are hanging on my neck, not enough oxygen reaching the brain, much less fingers on the keyboard ... I'm sure you know the feeling.:sunflower


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That console looks like a Taco's, so try this:

Take out the ash tray.
Take off that gray shroud that covers the space between the shifter bezel and the black part of the dash. There's a fastener on either side of this piece with a little circle concentric to the fastener- you have to push the inside circle to release the fastener.
Take off all three climate control knobs.
There's probably a couple philips screws in or below where the ashtray was- take 'em out.
The black part of the dash is held in mostly by spring clips. Gently pop it off.
There are 4 philips screws holding the radio into it's bracket. Take 'em out and slide the radio out of it's bracket.
Give your radio the reacharound and unplug the two harness connectors and the antenna.

That should be it. It's been a couple months since I did this so I might have forgotten something. None of the dash panels take very much force to remove, so if it feels like it's still fastened down, it probably is. Hope that helps :sombrero:

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On my older 4 Runner this is a couple screws under the heater bezel. If its not coming out easily like Blake said pull the knobs off and see if they did the same.

On Sony radios the factory radio brackets bolt right up. Hopefully the JVC will do the same. Hit Circuit city and they have a plastic cup that will fit the other side if you are putting a single din in. They will also have a wire harness adaptor that you can connect on the head unit so it will plug right up to the factory harness. I have used these twice now with my Supra and 4Runner. Once I figured out how to get the bezel off it was a 20 minute install both times after about 10 minutes on the bench installing the harness adapator plug. Very clean installs.


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Pretty much as Blake described, except on the 4Runner it is all snapped in place, no screws.

Gently pry up the sides of the cover where the shifters are and it will pop up, then work the stereo/climate control bezel around until it all unsnaps.

One confusing thing, the wiring kit I got was wrong, or so I thought, once I had it all apart. A trip back to Circuit City, stand in line, return it, then go back to get the right one and the installer knew the numbers by heart and told me exactly what to do - I had the right wiring kit, just needed to unplug the factory amplifier ...

It all works great, good to have the iPod back and tomorrow I'll snap it all back together (need to do a bit of trimming on the pocket to get the bezel back in ...

Thanks all.


Can you post some new pictures and was wondering wat it is you have for your ipod i have a nano and for my yota i dont wnana go get XM since i have lots of songs on my ipod and wanna have it set up in truck what is it you used and can i see some pictures


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1: Remove all of the temperature control knobs, including the A/C button (95-00 models). Using a small hook or a flat-head screwdriver, carefully pull the control panel straight out. It will pop out with a slight tug.

2: Remove two phillips head screws from behind temperature control panel.

3: Remove ashtray and remove the phillips head screw on upper right side

4: Carefully remove center black dash molding. This can be easily done by grabbing the plastic between the vents and the temperature controls and pulling toward you and slightly down. It will pop out with a slight tug.

5: Disconnect the air bag harness, if applicable.

At this point, you have access to the stereo receiver. The stereo brackets are attached using 4 10mm bolts.


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Everything worked as BogusBlake's advice worked. The description you just posted is great, except the 01/02 is totally different.

Still need to do some cosmetic surgery on the plastic pocket, but otherwise it is all done. I have my iPod in the glove box, controlled through the head unit.

Thanks anyway Wil,