Replacement Exhaust and Catalytic Converter Options on 1998 gen 2.5 SOHC


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Looks like at least one of my cats is on the way out. Gas mileage has been below average and I get an occasional code. I've looked but can not find any information on whether deleting the Y-pipe cats and going to singe cat is feasible with keeping the O2 sensors and computer happy. Has anyone done this before? I know some Australian companies offer headers and appear to have deleted the cats on the y-pipe but there is a lack of info.

Also, what are the general recommendations for replacing cats and exhaust? Stick with OEM or custom 2.5''?


Here in the states look for an exhaust shop, they should be able to help you with aftermarket catalytic converters that will pass emissions and last you some good years without breaking the bank too bad, now if you want the exhaust re-made or custom made, that's where it starts getting expensive.


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Not knowing where you live most all of us are required to pass OBD2 emissions testing. A custom 2.5 system is a good thing but still needs the cats and two stages of o2 sensors to keep our Gov'mt happy.
The front cats are the ones the rear O2 are monitoring so they are the important ones, after that you have allot of freedom. Done right there are ways to improve the flow up front but that really depends how strict the laws are where you are.

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