Replacement awning poles


Hill & Gully Rider
Does anyone know where you can buy replacement twist lock telescoping poles with awnings? The mistakenly left my awning up at night and when it rained...the awning come down in twisting crash.

Are the poles broken or did you not use the tethers to secure the poles? Unless it was a bad storm with heavy rain & wind, the awning shouldn't have come down from some rain and wind, if it was setup properly. Since you haven't posted a source or brand of awning, it's probably best to check with where you purchased it. If you got it online, maybe a local dealer that sells awnings can help you with similar poles.
Thanks for the reply. It just a ARB knockoff awning from Ebay. The pole bent under the weight of the rain collecting on the awning. The poles look like generic aluminum poles with a twist lock...I just have no idea where you can buy something like it