removing front driveline tips?


I'm replacing the u-joint on my front driveline.

The drive line is detached from the front differential.
The manual states that the drive line should be able to be pulled out of the transfer case at this point.
However, I can't seem to find how to pass the driveline towards the engine enough to allow the shaft to clear the end of the transfer case.

Does anyone have a tip for me?

NM petrol (2002)


Clears fine on my Gen 1 and Gen 2. Never pulled the Gen 3. Just have a pan ready. First time I pulled one I got a face bath in 90w.


Thanks for the reply.
After I dropped the rear cross member, I was able to work it out.
The front (engine side) of the driveline needed to work its way to the upper passenger side of the differential. It takes a bit of fiddling and rotating of the driveline.
I'll get the new u-joint pressed in tomorrow since my vice does not open wide enough to accommodate the yoke and a socket on each side.