Removing fender flares

Was wondering if anyone has removed their fender flares. If so happy you did it? Reasoning behind it? The reason I ask is yesterday went out wheeling and wound up popping passengers side rear flare off door and am wondering if I should fix it or take them all off.


I tore mine off on the trail, didn't bother fixing the rest so they're all gone. I have no regrets, like the way it looks more.
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Take them off. They are not OEM.

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I had to read what you said and huh?


I was thinking you were talking about the 100 Series, in which case the fender flares were not OEM to begin with. Since this is an all-encompassing Land Cruiser forum (and not specifically for the 100 Series), I deleted my post as the 80 Series had fender flare molding that was built-in at the factory.


Nothing. I left the brass thingies in, 'cause they look mean like that. Also, my Petunia ain't pretty anyway, so...


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I used white plastic plugs from McMaster Carr and paint them every couple months with touch up paint.