Removable table for slide-in camper


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I just bought a slide-in camper that came with a small table top mounted on a single pedestal made by Sequoia. The pedestal is very wobbly and the table is basically useless. Would love suggestions for good, solid removable tables and/or ideas for making the table I have more stable. Here's a picture of the system: 1630369521867.png


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Upon first use of our then new to us Escape 15A I knew that wobbly piece of ******** had to go. I ended up having a shop weld a SS tube to heavy SS base with 80/20 sliding top I figured out, so it could slide to/fro for access to our permanent dining table. If you need removable you might need to design and fab it yourself...or look at Lagun for possible solution.


I second the Lagun adjustable mount. Expensive but versatile. Needs a solid surface to mount too, as the leverage can be high depending on how far out it swivels and if someone leans on it.

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