Registering a brand new So Cal Tear Drop with VIN at AAA


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I am trying to avoid the DMV like the plague and am wondering if AAA will register a brand new Tear Drop. Any So Cal owners out there ever register at AAA? On the AA site is says no New Vehicle registrations but I was wondering if it applies to trailers. Thanks


The problem is you will need a vin verification. This can be done by DMV, CHP, some LEO's or a private VIN verification person.

Pm me if you want the name of a private vin verifier

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It was only three trips to the DMV for us. We had ours built in Oregon which ended up being a can of worms. It is now a Wanderlust brand trailer and not a So-Cal. Have all your measurements ready and try not to show the galley if you can.


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Yeah the lady at the DMV almost screwed me money wise. She tried doing the paperwork as a full blown travel trailer (way more expensive). I wanted it listed as more of a cargo trailer (permanent plate, cheaper, etc). The pop out bed (my fault for telling her) was the tipping point. She didn’t even see the slide out kitchen. Luckily the guy inside when I went to pay helped me correct the issue.
I registered mine as a Utility Trailer. When they did the inspection, He asked what it was for and I told him to haul our camping gear when we go out. I suggested as a utility trailer. He said that will work. He placed a VIN. tag on the trailer and the inspection was done. I went back in side waited for my number and Paid $41 and got a permanent trailer plate. As long as you have all your paperwork it is easy in CA.


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I am picking it up today and will be heading to the AAA near So Cal Teardrop, I will let you know how it goes and what I learn.


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A couple of questions from a non-Californian with a DIY teardrop (titled in Idaho as an RV).

1. Doesn't a So-Cal teardrop come with a VIN?

2. Isn't AAA an insurance company?

3. How do you get state registration and title through an insurance company? (Is this some California thing?)

Please clear this up so I can get on with my life. :unsure:

AAA offers Roadside Assistance, Travel Agency, Insurance and some DMV items, like Registration of vehicles no Driver license items.



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AAA in Upland will do it only because they are familiar with So Cal Teardrops but even then if you get the wrong person it may not get done. Unfortunately when I got to the Upland AAA I realized I didn't have my checkbook, they only take cash or check. I think I am going to plan a trip to the Sierra and stop in at the Bishop DMV, I have used them before and there is never a line.

BTW, So Cal Teardrops come with a VIN

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