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My vote is for the ICECO JP42. It's a fridge, or a freezer, or a cooler (just add ice). It's reasonably priced with long lasting components. Also fits perfect in the back seat of my Jeep Gladiator or JL, or in the bed. I measured the back seat before choosing a fridge.
IMG_6468 2.JPGIMG_6471 2.JPGIt It will make a nice addition to my camper build.


We bought 2, in 2014. 82 qt and a 50 at. 1 or the other, sometimes both have been running since. When not camping, they get used as overflow fridge/freezer. We absolutely love them. When we bought ours, afaik the ARB's were the only ones that would operate at up to a 30° incline and have a Danfoss compressor. Shortly thereafter, it seemed like there were dozens more every year.

The price hurts, that's for sure. But not having to hunt for ice is priceless. The very first time we took the 50 qt ARB fridge camping, the power went out for 36 hrs. I plugged the fridge into the aux battery. When that started getting low, I recharged it with Honda eu2000i. Everything worked great.

We always take it when shopping far from home, to a distant market or farmers market. Once you get one, you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner. It's life changing.


My fridge finally arrived yesterday and I’ve been playing around with it. I was surprised how fast it cooled down initially and the app is a nice feature, especially the battery monitor. I had it plugged in overnight to a yellow top d34 battery and I lost .2 volts in ten hours. The seven mile drive to work charged the battery up a half a volt higher then it was. We’re excited to try it out heading to expo northwest this week!

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