Recovering a truck from a lake.


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A guy had a bum leg, fell down and his truck rolled into the lake. All we saw was the splash while in the boat. The truck had momentum and floated way out 125' from shore but it was floating great! I told the wife to hang on because I thought I may need to rescue occupants. It was empty so while the wife held on to the truck bed I reversed throttle and pulled it back to shore. Another guy swam to help so I had him tie my favorite dock line to the truck. I brought the rope to shore and told everybody to pull. Typical 25 spectators in the way with about 3 of us helping. At least I had it against the shore. Old guy pulls up with winch so I fetched the cable. I said find a good place for the cable. Big mistake. With a bunch of guys in the water I handed off the cable and all they did was hook it to the bottom of the sheet metal bumper. I could not get them to stand back but luckily knobody was hurt when the bumper bent, the cable flew and the truck shot back into the lake and sunk way deeper than I could swim down to. I tried. I wanted my dock line back. I guess just know a newer vehicle floats a long time and just because 25 are around and you take the lead you still have to watch every move. Lesson learned...Again.



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They couldn't find the hitch! lolz.

If it was more local I'd dive it. He should call his insurance first. They might want the park involved, when it's towed out. Yeah, you get ticketed.


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Dang! And I bet you thought you were going to the lake for relaxation.
We had a great day and just cruised past the non boaters area for fun. The sad thing was the owner was on the ground in obviouse pain and nobody was around him. As soon as I asked to make sure nobody was in the truck I asked about him. They said he had plates and screews in his leg and fell but was OK. He was all skined up as a result of the fall and was a bit belligerent. I had to beg for people to hold the rope so it would not float away because nobody would go grab the winch cable. We only had moments to work with so I didn't mind just doing it myself. The one guy with the lifejacket jumped off the ski boat to help. A sunk vehicle is a total loss but a recovery including professional divers can be thousands. In this day and age if there is an emergency don't assume you can't help if there are others around. At least 100 in the area saw what was going on and maybe 5 did anything to help. I even pulled the truck near shore with nobody to grab the rope. I beached my boat and did it myself. A couple finally chipped in but I honestly believe they all just wanted to see it sink. The wife snapped the pics, kept the dogs under control and held the boat to the beach after she hung on to the truck for dear life as I pulled it to shore. She is a feisty hard headed gal but knows when I start barking serious orders to just do it. I would not have attempted it with out her but in the end it sunk.


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Lake Pleasant?
Yes. I forgot the best part. I needed the rope on the truck because I could not back my boat up onto the shore. I asked the guy that swam from the ski boat to tie it on the truck so we could pull it the last few feet. After he did I asked for the other end. He said he tied it to my bow eye. That's a full size truck floating in 75' of water. If that thing sunk what do think it would have done to my dinky Aluminum boat?


Finally in expo white.
One man trying to help others while everyone gawks, reminds me of my time as a security guard.
Sometimes all we can do is try.