Record setting sale for Gen 3 Montero???


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$10 grand for a stock Gen 3 with 150k miles? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love mine... but what? Is it because of the rare color, or has the market gone crazy during covid because of all the wannabe overlanders?

Someone please explain, or I might have to buy another one while I still can...


Wow that truck is clean and $10K might seem high to some, but it looks like a good deal to me. last year, 3.8, clean inside and outside, normally when a vehicle is that clean it means the owners actually took care of it.


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Read about the used car market in general right now. New car inventories are down from supply chain disruptions including the chip shortage. Used car market is hot right now.
Here is a good one:



Mine had 196k miles, badly needed the valve stem seals done, and was nowhere near as clean as that, and I sold it for $8,000. (Although it was heavily modded)

But to answer your question: both. Our rigs are definitely going up in value in general, and covid is also pushing prices even higher.


Congrats to the seller! Yeah Covid pricing is great for the sellers. Don't even think about buying an older Toyota pickup. Makes Monteros look like a steal even at Covid pricing.


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I was looking at an '03 with 187k miles and selling for $7500. I thought that was a bit steep, but will look further into it