Recommended Indy Shops for Monteros in Los Angeles area?



Anybody have a recommendation on indy shops near Los Angeles area that does great work with competitive pricing? I am located in Santa Monica.

Thanks in advance!


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Ozzy's Automotive in Bell Gardens is almost exclusively Mitsubihisi and is highly regards on the Montero Facebook group


I don't mean to hijack this thread, but are there also any Mitsu specialists in the San Gabriel valley area?

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Hello Wonton, nice to see another monty guy in SM. Not a Mitsubishi specialist but George at Santa Monica Brake (911 Santa Monica Bl) runs a well respected local shop. I've also heard good things about C&A in Van Nuys if you want a dedicated Mitsubishi shop. Good luck!
Another vote for Miyaki Motorsports in South El Monte. Owner had a Gen 2.5, now has a Gen 3.5. Lots of Mitsu and Yota guys go here.
2623 Tyler Ave, El Monte, CA 91733
(626) 453-8991