Recommended Budget Compressor / light use - ?


Hello -

I'm looking to add a portable, small compressor to my ride. I air down a few times a year when in Pismo and looking to buy one for a trip to Baja. Inflation speed is not an issue, but something faster than a bike pump would be great...

If it makes a difference, I have a 2006 Tacoma and an Eagle camper.

Any suggestions for one? There are a bunch of models under $100 on the interweb, but I'm hoping for some suggestions from expedition portal regulars.

Thanks in advance.


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People looooove their MV50s. The price has gone up somewhat recently, but they're still a screaming deal, and seem to work great with a couple of very minor mods.

I personally run a Viair 275c that I got for free, and it's been a tank. It's not the fastest thing in the world, but I've beat the everloving piss out of it, and it just keeps going. I had the head off a while back, and despite being ancient and abused, it looked practically new inside. Looks like they run about $150 new.


I have the same compressor. Wired it to my fuse block and hard mounted it under my hood. Works great for airing up tires. The coupler does get hot after airing up all 4 tires from 20psi to 32 psi. So wear gloves. Otherwise, great deal. I've seen these sell at costco as well.