Recommendations for Stand Up Paddle Board?


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Since you're just cruising and riding small waves, there wont be much of a difference in board performance. A surfboard performance only matters because you are going faster. With a SUP, you can get a smaller SUP where you can make faster turns...but then you lose some, if not all of the stability you will want when you're cruising.

My board is a 11' 6" Riviera. Its fun to ride small waves on and really picks up some speed when I'm cruising and start to really paddle it. The reason I got the bigger one is because I can fit a crate with gear in it (I sometimes use my board as a base for when I spearfish) and I can usually bring my dog and have plenty of buoyancy. Hell, I've even done 2 people on my board at once.

Since you're land locked (really sorry to hear about that BTW) I'd get a bigger one because you can take it to a river or lake where there wont be waves and stability will be more important.

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Don't do the inflatable ones...which I'm sure you know being a surfer...

I have a very high quality Riviera Paddle Board that I really like.
It really depends on your use, storage and portability requirements. Some boards are HUGE and difficult to transport. With my RTT on top, I can't strap a huge board on top. I have been eyeing inflatables for awhile now. My inflatable kayak has been to the Caribbean, Baja, Utah, Michigan, the Pacific and other lakes. A hard shell just can't travel like that. Just be sure it is a quality SUP/kayak.


My wife and I recently picked up a pair of Bic Sport Duratecs. They aren't the lightest boards at 35lbs, but they're still lighter than the el-cheapo department store boards (~50lbs) and very durable.

We have several lakes nearby and probably should have gone with longer boards, but the 9'10" works out well enough and is still manageable in the bed of the truck or strapped to the top of the sailboat.

My years of high school and college crew taught me the art of thing things down, so I'm pretty sure I can "sling" them from the bottom side of my rack with the RTT up top.
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Yeah, hard board is a requirement for sure. I want to be able to play around on flat/really small days which we have plenty of out here in the East. I don't get to the water very often and it sucks when I get time to go and it is dead flat or tiny.
Soo my SUP is for sale if you feel like a road trip to SD!