Recommendations for rechargeable LED lantern for table?


While I appreciate the suggestions may I gently steer this thread back to warm white is an absolute must? If the advertising blurb or personal reviews do not give me a clue as to the color temperature or at least the words "warm white" then I don't want to risk it. I already have several LED lights which I don't like because of the LED color.
One of the reviews from this light, I Would say It would be a warm white light or dim light on Soft white mode, I have used this light a lot and it is not a LED Bright in the eyes light, also you can pull light up to expose its light so you can adjust the brightness on any mode.
The multi-function button allows you to easily switch between all lighting modes:
- Ultra Bright
- Soft White
- Night Vision Red
- Emergency Flashing Red

REVIEW:OMG how did I ever camp or travel without this little lamp? I'm very in love with it. The choice of bright white, dim white, solid red, or blinking red light makes it seriously versatile for sleeping in strange places. And I found a small fan that runs via USB cord so plug that into this and have light AND a cool breeze no matter if I have electricity or 12 volt available. This lamp that is built sturdy and is a brilliant engineering design.
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To add, I got to see a Goal Zero today and when medium to bright it's nice, but when dimmed I would want warmer. I'm getting one of the BLF LT1's. You can set them up to change color temperature automatically as you change brightness, which sounds perfect.


I don't know if it is warm white light, but I really like the Milwaukee Tools M12 lantern. They call the color TRUEVIEW and say it is neutral white. I have a bunch of M12 batteries already, so it made sense. Light can be changed to 180 or 360 degrees. It also has a USB charger. The only downside is that it is a bit bulky.

Milwaukee also makes some small USB rechargeable lights that are great for camping.


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these look very high quality, they don't list the color specifications but state "cool white/warm white/natural white" as different settings for the light. I have no experience wit these though.

I stumbled across this thread, and thought I would chime in for posterity since I do have these lights.

The color temperatures are 3000K/4200K/6200K +/-15% according to the manual.


Since you reminded me - I bought one of the Sofirn lights and I love it.

I am a little concerned about the reliability of the cell connections with the rotating action. Already I have seen that the cells were not balanced when I took it apart once, but after balancing them manually and closing it up again I've not been able to reproduce it since.


Regarding soft white light, have you ever tried to put a white plastic supermarket bag over your lantern? It softens the light a lot so it's easier on the eyes. Gives off a pleasant glow. I've also made a simple shade for a lantern with a rectangle of thin translucent plastic (like those thin cutting boards at the dollar store). Cut it to about 12" x 12". Just fold it in half and set it on top of the lantern. A shade would improve a lot of overly bright lanterns
The best quality lantern I own is the Streamlight Siege 44931, $35 I believe this qualifies as "soft white." Check the reviews; people love them. Incredibly rugged.
You can also get soft white in a Luci light (nflatable, solar charge) if you can find the translucent rather than transparent version. Not reliable as your only light source in my opinion, but indeed has a soft glow and is a fun concept.
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