Recomendations on a good 3/4 length 3 season touring jacket?

I started hanging out on the adv forum lurking for deals on jackets or recomendations. It seems they have the more expensive is automatically better philosopy. I'm looking for a good quality jacket with removable liner for warmth and I'd like to stay under $300 for sure, $200 would be great. I have been looking at the firstgear kilimanjaro but its hard to pull the trigger on something that expensive without looking at one in person. It seems no one within 200 miles of me carries anything besides Harley junk and cheap Fox jackets...

Any recomendations?

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I would HIGHLY recommend that you keep an eye out for a used Olympia AST. I picked up one in Hi-Vis for my wife and the thing is amazing! Watch the videos and see for yourself! Cannot recommend it highly enough.



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Aerostich road crafter is some of the best. A couple weeks ago 2 sets were on Phoenix Craigslist. Do a search for it. I just scored Sidi's best boots for the wife in new condition there. I bought most of my adventure gear on ADV Rider from inmates. It's hot here so I bought Motoport ultra mesh. Like new jacket and pants for what just the pants would cost. It's so well worth holding out for high end gear. You have to search that site a few times a day to get the deals but in the long run it will pay off. Even if you buy high end gear for list price you will get what you pay for. I bought Klim pants for the dirt bike and they cost 3 times what others cost but after 2 years, a dozen crashes and probably 25 times in the washer they still look new. Shoei helmets are similar because you throw the whole liner in the wash and it comes out like new time after time.
While I think there is some correlation with gear between cost and quality, I also think it is a case of diminishing returns. Plus, on the high-end gear, you sometimes pay a premium for newer technology materials (that my not even be thoroughly tested).

I tend to stick with the midrange gear (Olympia, Firstgear, Tourmaster). There's always great gear for sale at the internet closeout places (,, motocycleclosouts, etc, etc). I paid $130 for my FG Rainier, and $150 for my Olympia Bushwacker. The 2010 version of the Rainier can be found under $200. The Tourmaster Transition2 can be found under $150.

I've owned BMW and Rev'It gear, but don't find it is worth the upcharge (for me). But there certainly is A LOT of used, high-end gear for sale for great prices - much of it barely used. In fact, I sold off the gear I was no longer using on ADVRider (Rev'It and Olympia jackets, BMW pants, and a couple helmets). That being said, although I've seen several bargains there, I also see people paying a lot for used gear. For me, if buying used from an unknown source/internet, I expect to pay about 50% for gear in very good shape. Otherwise it isn't worth the risk or the hassle if it doesn't meet expectations. However, all my transactions buying and selling on ADVRider have been flawless. So I think it is a pretty trustworthy pool if dealing with established members.
In motorcycle gear, you get what you pay for. I found that out by buying the cheaper stuff and having it all fall apart or perform sub-par. Save an extra hundred bucks and buy an Aerostich and wear it with a quality fleece. Quality fleece's can be found on ebay for $30- Used 'stich can be found $250-300. I paid $325 for my jacket and heated fleece on ADV.

Aerostich will last a life time if you take care of it. And if you dont take care of it, send it to aerostich and have them fix it up to last another 100k miles.
I crash tested a Firstgear Kilimanjaro in an 80mph get-off and it did the business. Totaled the jacket but I walked away with only a few bruises. I'd only bought the jacket about 8 months earlier and Firstgear has a 2 year crash protection warranty. I packed the damaged jacket up in a box and mailed it to them. I didn't really expect them to send me a new jacket but....about 3 weeks later, a new jacket came in the mail! So, I'd say, even at $300, it was worth every penny and, with a warranty like that, it's tough to beat.

Personally, I like the Kilimanjaro because the jacket is waterproof without having to carry a waterproof liner. For me, I don't see the point of having riding gear and then having to add rain gear to the mix bc the riding gear isn't waterproof.
i have a higher end Technic jacket, have 1 full season, i ride year round in some -5C weather and i love my jacket, its got lots of vents for summer riding to. i think i paid $350 for it on sale.
FirstGear jackets and pants have been great for me. If you can find it on sale, Rev'it! Gear is exceptionally well-made for long, consecutive days in the saddle.


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I would HIGHLY recommend that you keep an eye out for a used Olympia AST. I picked up one in Hi-Vis for my wife and the thing is amazing! Watch the videos and see for yourself! Cannot recommend it highly enough.

I have one of these that's almost 5 years old. Its comfy and reasonably dry in the rain and manageable in the heat but the zips are now failing as are the stitching around the velcro so check those carefully if you buy used. I'm not sure how long these are supposed to last but I was hoping for another couple of years. I won't be getting another AST but they're pretty good value for what they are. Similarly the pants have worked well.
I've been watching the adv forums and managaged to snag an almost new set of Icon Brawnson Textile Motorcycle Overpant and AGV Sport Excursion Kevlar Cargo Pant for $100 shipped for both. They both sell for $100+shipping new and these are like new. The cargo pants are very nice, I can were them to work and still look halfway presentable in the office. Still no luck on finding a used jacket, I would love a BMW jacket, I have an 05 f650gs dakar so... I need to figure out what size I am, I have no idea other than I have to order Med Tall shirts and jackets, or just get a large and live with it being a little big. I have long arms and torso.


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Aerostich Darien if you want a 3/4 length. I have a Roadcrafter and a Falstaff (waxed cotton Darien) I wear the Falstaff a lot...
tourmaster rincon

I currently have for sale a new Tourmaster rincon jacket size mens lg (42 tru 46) . it was worn for a distance of 136mils so its new.

removable liner, shoulder,elbow & back amour. PM or E-mail me if you have any intrest