Recomendations for 4x4 hire or safari tour operator Tanzania 2019


Hi all,
can anyone recomend a 4x4 hire or safari tour operator for tanzania.
we are looking to travel march 2019.
thanks all


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Did a private trip (photo safari) for ~2 weeks with Kibo Guides in August 2015. They were amazing! Our guide was an ornithologist but had an immense amount of naturalist knowledge of animal behavior as well. Going with a guide limits exploration compared to overlanding by yourself, but the camps we stayed in were great. The guides communicate via CB so they share info about recent animal sightings which offers more opportunity to see the big cats and some other animals. Happy to provide more info on our trip if you have any questions.

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I lived in Tanzania 🇹🇿 for 6 yrs and spent 2 weeks there this summer visiting friends and a trip to Selous. PM me I’ll send you details


We used Wildebeest Safaris LTD for Kenya and Tanzania in June 2015 and had an excellent experience with them. OlyEsteban is correct, the guides all seem to know each other and communicate via CB or cell phone, so you should see a lot more animals if you use a guide. For our trip we had private guides, which isn't much more money than the group trips, but we always had the best view and could choose whether to stay longer at a particular place or move on. Noah at Wildebeest Safaris was very good at creating a custom trip based on what where we wanted to go.


We used Zara tours for our safari and kili trek. They are a local company owned by a Tanzanian woman. They were very accommodating.


Ok chaps looks like we we be doing a guided safari this time in Tanzania then on to Zanzibar. Still not sorted an operator but many thanks for your input.